French Language Pronunciation

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When we listen to the French language, it seems like a blur and a long line of syllables that don’t seem to mean anything.  This may be true to an outsider, but if you can get your head around the French language pronunciation then you will certainly have a better chance of deciphering those baffling conversations.

The French do not pronounce their words in the same way as the English and there are many key differences.  The alphabet has to be learned well and you must understand how each letter is pronounced.  It is wise to learn how diphthongs are pronounced as well.

In English, we pronounce each word and stress the ante penultimate syllable.  This means we place the greatest emphasis on this syllable compared to the others.  In French, the only stressed syllables are those in which there is an accent; all others are pronounced with the same level of stress.  This explains why French language pronunciation can sometimes sound as though they are speaking so fast and with no expression.

Another point is something that makes the French language so very elegant and easy to speak once fluent.  Liaison is a phenomenon that occurs in the French language but not in the English.  As you cannot make two consecutive vowel sounds easily (this is called ‘hiatus’) they can either pronounce the end of the last word in front of the next one or add letters to make it sound better.  This sheds light on a -t-elle dit.

French language pronunciation is not necessarily that difficult and you must choose a method of learning that allows you to master this.  The best ones are the online courses as they contain audio files as part of their wealth of resources.  This can help you to pronounce the words and you can compare yourself to the sound of a native speaker.  This cannot be done with a textbook.  The audio files are an important part, as you need to learn to pronounce the words before you can be understood in French.

Such courses can really help you with your pronunciation and this can make you feel and sound more natural and authentic when speaking French.  It is an iconic language and you have to master the basics.  Think of learning the alphabet and pronunciation as walking before you can run.  You will only fall over if you fail to master the basics of walking and thus the same can be applied to learning to speak French.

I cannot sit here and tell you that French language pronunciation is an easy thing to master, but you will come to grips with it if you have a go and practice.  Effective courses allow you to practice the language and thus you will experience a much more fun and enjoyable language learning process.  It is best you invest your time wisely and I would urge you to consider how you want to learn French.  It’s a fun thing to do, so make it fun to learn.