Are you seeking to travel alone? here are a few tips to stay safe while on the journey

Are you seeking to travel alone? here are a few tips to stay safe while on the journey post thumbnail image

As exciting as this radically unique opportunity seems, the act of travelling all by yourself does arrive with its own set of systemic rules that need to be adhered to in order to ensure that you are safe, comfortable and within the means of your budget. Simple as ever, here are some changes that you may need to incorporate in your singled travel routines if ever you’re prospecting to do so; feel free to read on and know more!

1) Dress appropriately.

Being clad in attire that clearly implies the fact that you hail from a place other than where you currently are is a prime focal point for those who gain delight (and cash) by cheating novices to their region, such as con artists, ticket touts and even thieves.

As a safety measure, make an attempt to blend in with the rest of the local public by donning an ensemble that bears traditional influence to your destination. This may not work for all case scenarios, however; as a Caucasian wearing a kimono, Japanese locals are bound to tell the difference, for example! Henceforth, resorting to stick to clothes that are classic in nature and don’t reveal too much skin is ideal for looking like you’re just from around the block.

As an added suggestion, leave expensive valuables such as jewellery and wrist watches behind. Carrying a regular tote bag in lieu of a hefty backpack is also recommended so that a tourist-oriented implication doesn’t seem obvious to others around you.

2) Pack wisely.

While each of us may have our own itty-bitty essentials that we may just can’t do without, the following three components are indispensable for one and all:(i) Legals: Your passport and any other documented declarations must always be with you in case the urgency of identity proof arises,(ii) Medications: While those with no diagnosed ailments that require regular doses of medication can omit this requirement, a first-aid kit should be available at your dispense in the minimum.(iii) Money: It’s an absolute no-no to carry stacks of liquid cash in your wallet; instead, resort to carrying a few notes for immediate cash while the rest can comply within the confinements of a credit/debit card or traveller’s cheque.

3) Make accommodation facilities an excuse to meet someone new.

For single travellers, some travel agents cater to providing lodging facilities in hostels where one may be subject to sharing a dormitory with a roommate. Apart from receiving some company, hostels are so much cheaper than regular hotel rooms since charges are incurred on a basis of booking a bed and not an entire room.

4) Be extra wary when associating with others.

While certain locals may seem overtly cordial and enjoyable to associate with, it always makes sense to be cautious about yourself and your belongings whilst in their company; always stay vigilant and never allow you mind to falter astray, period.

5) Listen to your gut instinct!

If someone or something just doesn’t feel right – detour! This could make all the difference between making or breaking your situations, rest assured.